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Acupuncture aims to balance the body of the person. Any dysfunction that may appear in a part of the body can unbalance another area, however distant, especially on a structural level. It can treat different illnesses, from a common cold to problems resulting from a stroke or paralysis, migraines, respiratory problems, allergies, abdominal processes, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fluid retention, obesity, gynaecological problems and even smoking and addictions, thus helping the body to function normally again.

Homeopathy is a method of treatment developed, studied and researched scientifically by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 150 years ago. It is based on the principle that, "In order to cure a disease we can give the patient dilutions of a substance that can cause similar diseases in a healthy individual. This is a principle similar to that which governs the use of vaccines, as they activate the body's own defences and stimulates the immune system.

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